Each pair is made to your precise individual measurements and foot molds.

Custom Shoe Fitting

Custom shoemaking begins with a thorough fitting, which can be done in person or using our mail order fitting kit. Each foot is measured in detail including: outlines; tape measurements of the ball, arch, instep, toe height, heel, and any other indicated areas; and foam impressions. We discuss with you any special fitting issues such as sensitivities, past injuries or operations, and preferences about the fit of your shoes. All this information is used to develop your set of custom patterns to accommodate your particular needs.

Pedorthic Training

In addition to being a highly experienced custom shoemaker and designer, Rob has pedorthic training so we are able to work with your medical professional to help provide you with maximum comfort. We can make shoes to help accommodate: mismated or combination sizes, irregularly shaped feet, diabetic or arthritic feet, bunions and hammertoes, sensitivities and swellings, and orthotics or inserts.